Agile Rascal Bicycle Touring Theatre brings visceral, intellectual and socially engaged theatre to communities across the country, traveling by bicycle.

Our mission is to incite creative thought, encourage community gathering, and invoke the power and joy of sustainable travel.

Our vision is that one day every community, urban or rural, will have access to new and innovative performing arts and to green transport, thus creating a more connected, creative, adventurous, and environmentally reverential world.

Agile Rascal performs in Albuquerque, NM


The Agile Rascals are currently on tour in Montana for the Summer of 2017.  To find out more about the show and performance dates go to 2017 Montana Tour






In the summer of 2015, The Agile Rascal Theatre troupe completed the FIRST EVER coast-to-coast tour of an original play by bicycle.


For more on this project see 2015 U.S. Tour