Dara Silverman – Artistic Director

Dara Silverman is an artist currently living in the Bay Area. Her play, “Purple Beastly” was a finalist for the 2016 Jewish Plays Project and she was recently a ‘Water Rights’ artist-in-residence at the Santa Fe Art Institute. She holds a BA in film from NYU, and an MA from SFSU in playwriting. Dara thinks of her projects as experiments, each born from a collision of questions, and resulting in a unique universe, complete with rules of science and magic, patterns of behavior and specific aesthetics. She allows her current preoccupations to embed themselves inside these unfamiliar landscapes, revealing connections and complexity.


Lelia Johnson – Managing Director

Lelia Johnson is a leader, organizer and entrepreneur of start-up organizations with a strong passion for education, theatre & community engagement. She holds a BS in Community & Regional Development from UC Davis. As a founding team member of Beyond 12, a successful non-profit that works to increase low-income, first generation and underrepresented college students, she managed their national coaching programs, overseeing the staff and progress of over 2000 students. Theatre had always been a side passion until Agile Rascal appeared. With Agile Rascal she is marrying her talents for building successful organizations with her passion for theatre & community.


John Paul Olsen – Performer

John Paul Olsen has been involved in theatre since his high school years in Mesquite, Texas, where his talents ranged from acting, singing and dancing, to set building, stage managing and directing. Since moving to the Bay Area, he has become involved in local theatre, including the West Marin Players, Lucid Dream Lounge, and he performed as The Attendant in Agile Rascal’s Sunlight on the Brink. He has much experience in maintaining and repairing bikes. He works as an in-home Caregiver, a delivery associate, and as a gardener & landscape artist.


Jackie Rivera – Performer

Theatre-maker and adventure-seeker based in Brooklyn where she works as a tour guide with boutique bike-tour company, Get Up And Ride. A venerable Jack(ie)-of-all-trades in the industry, her professional skills include Performing, Directing, Writing, Stage Management, and Props and Scenic Design. Jackie’s trained with SITI Company in Viewpoints and Suzuki Method for Actors, and received a BFA in Acting from University of Florida via New World School of the Arts in Miami. Also a Co-founder of The Project [theatre] – Miami’s first site-specific theater company. www.jackie-rivera.com

While Jackie insists Brooklyn is the best place on the planet, she’s stoked to navigate mountains and trees and other such Earth-magic in Montana this summer.


Kean Haunt – Performer

A native of Billings, MT, Kean spent the last four years studying theatre at Middlebury College in the mountains of Vermont. In school he approached theatre through acting, devising, and music, as well as diving into the technical side of things with some set and light design. Last summer he got his feet wet in the wonderful world of ensemble theatre making with a three month stint at Double Edge Theatre in Massachusetts, working and training with the ensemble there. He can’t wait to bring his enthusiasm for theatre back home to Montana, and he hopes to learn what theatre can look like in the rural spaces of his state.


Sam Cordes – Performer

Sam Cordes was “born in a trunk” in Kansas City, Missouri and has been doing professional theatre since the age of five. Raised by actors, Cordes made quite the name for himself as an upcoming talent in the thriving theatre community of his hometown and has gone on to receive his B.F.A. in Theatre from Stephens College for Women in Columbia, MO and his M.F.A. in Theatre from The University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Sam has never owned a car and enjoys daily commuting and touring.


Sarah Bell – Designer

Sarah Bell was born in California and raised in Montana after the childhood road trip that changed it all. A little wanderlust and a love of stories were sparked. In college, Sarah traded a literary degree for a theatrical one and contributed to many areas of community theatre production including stage management, acting, carpentry and run crew. She found her niche telling stories through costumes and graduated from the University of Montana in 2011 with a BFA in Costume Design and Technology. Since then, her handiwork both as a technician and as a designer has been seen in professional theatres from the Northwest to the Midwest.

Sarah still calls Montana home, and loves to explore under her own power by road cycling, mountain biking, hiking, and paddling anything that floats.


Jaren Feeley – Composer

Jaren Feeley is a musician-composer, writer, and educator currently based in Oakland, California. He studied arts & letters at UC Berkeley, Freie Universität Berlin, and King’s College London, graduating with distinction. Jaren is especially interested in connections between disciplines: music and computer science, philosophy and literature. Recently, Jaren has taken to composing music for the theater, which allows him to work in a community-based medium, and fold music into the philosophical power of story. Check out his work at: http://www.jarenfeeley.com/