Artists of Sunlight on the Brink

Coast to Coast Tour – Summer 2015

Dara Silverman – Artistic Director

Dara Silverman is an artist currently living in the Bay Area. Her play, “Purple Beastly” was a finalist for the 2016 Jewish Plays Project and her films have won awards at The Crossroads Film Festival and The deadCenter Film Festival. She is currently a ‘Water Rights’ artist-in-residence at the Santa Fe Art Institute. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in film from NYU, and a Master’s Degree from San Francisco State in playwriting. Dara thinks of her projects as experiments, each born from a collision of questions, and resulting in its own unique universe, complete with rules of science and magic, patterns of behavior and specific aesthetics. As part of her process, she allows her current pre-occupations to embed themselves inside these unfamiliar landscapes, revealing connections and complexity.

Lelia Johnson- Managing Director

With Lelia, the routine is far from mundane. She has to climb a tree on her way home, and dance while cooking. She is an outdoor and sports enthusiast doing everything from windsurfing to rock climbing to underwater hockey. Since a young age Lelia volunteered at the local opera house and did set-production in high school. Always backstage, like a phantom of the opera, she closely admired acting prowess. After a decade of collecting courage, she jumped into the spotlight to play the lead role in a grassroot production, Forever Ginling. This ludic stage amateur also happens to have a bicycle centric lifestyle, making her a perfect addition to this group of thespians on two wheels.

Allison Fenner – Ensemble Director

Allison Fenner is California native and a UC Berkeley Alumni with a degree in Theater and Performance Studies, currently a part of the performance core with Ragged Wing Ensemble of Oakland and a frequent performer with Naked Empire Bouffon in San Fransisco. She travels by bicycle all over the Bay Area, and loves passing buses. Her talents include playing a variety of instruments, self producing and directing absurdist theatre, and making the perfect cappuccino.

John Paul Olsen

John Paul Olsen has been involved in theatre since his high school years in Mesquite, Texas, where his talents ranged from acting, singing and dancing, to set building, stage managing and directing. Since moving to the Bay Area, he has become involved in local theatre, including the Marin Players, Lucid Dream Lounge, and most recently performed as Dick Deadeye in The West Marin Players’ HMS Pinafore. He worked at the Roll Up Bike Shop for more than two years and has taken independent camping bike tours throughout Central California. He currently works as a Care Attendant at Bay Area Support Services, and as a gardener and landscape artist.

Jenny Hipscher

Jenny Hipscher was born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. and graduated from Wesleyan University, where she was a Varsity athlete. In 2004, she moved out to Albuquerque, N.M. to study massage therapy and see what it would feel like to live in the desert. There she performed with Zsolt Palcza’s Readymade Dance Theater Company for four years. In 2012, Jenny studied clown and improvisation at Bont’s Independent Republic of Failure in Ibiza, Spain and she just recently completed the Fall Artistic Immersion with Double Edge Theater in Massachusetts. A licensed massage therapist with a background in dance, athletics, yoga, and physical theatre, she is interested in how we respond to the world through our bodies, and how we can shift and transform ourselves and our environment through the emotional and physical choices we make.

AlexishsAlexis Camille

Hailing from Washington DC, Alexis found her love for theatre in Oakland, CA! She is excited to commemorate her new life in theatre by journeying and riding deep with Agile Rascals back to the east coast! She studied acting at Laney College with Fusion Theatre, and performed in her first play, The 510s: Five Ten Minute Tales about Oakland, written by The Laney students. Most recently, Alexis completed her first professional acting performance with The Free Theater Co. in a production of Romeo and Juliet at the Omni Commons in Oakland. While studying theatre she has had the honor of emceeing Oakland’s Queer Open Mic with Spectrum Queer Media, and working as troupe member of Sunday Brunch at Oakland’s Pan Improv Theatre. Alexis is infinitely grateful for the time and privilege to take on this community based theatre project and is readying herself for a transformative LOVE FEST across the country with dope-ass creative folks! Peace! <><>

Ren Dodge

Ren is a professional photographer and videographer. He has loved riding and tinkering with bikes since he was a kid. One of his first movies was a documentary about an art bike. In 2001 he moved from his hometown of St. Paul, MN to Oakland California, in search of better weather, creative opportunities and bikeable streets. A love of art led him to attend San Francisco State University where he earned a BA in Photography. He works commercially as an architectural photographer, while pursuing personal work in photography, film and other media.

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