Our photographer, Ren Dodge, documented our trip, and organized the photographs into four legs of the journey.   You can also see and purchase the photos on his website: GasLust




The California Leg – Oakland, California – Highway 1 – Los Angeles, CA – San Diego, CA – Yuma, AZ




The Desert Leg – Yuma, AZ – The Sonoran Desert, – Tucson, AZ – Silver City, NM – The Blackrange Mountains




The Midwest Leg – Ojo Caliente, NM – Fairplay, CO – Denver, CO – St. Francis, KS – Kansas City, MO – Columbia, MO – Alton, IL – Chicago, IL – Ann Arbor, MI



The East Coast Leg – Detroit, MI – Niagra Falls, Canada – Ithaca, NY – Northampton, MA – Somerville, MA – Brooklyn, NY