For our next project, Agile Rascal will create our first region-specific play.  Intended for and about the state of Montana, we will develop our piece within the state and tour it through the area  on a 5-week, 1,000 mile journey.

Agile Rascal will offer free workshops in theater and
bicycle maintenance for all the communities
we perform in.

It’s our hope that The Montana Project will become a blueprint for a series of region specific theatrical bicycle tours, each created and performed in the community it intends to serve.



May 26th – June 29th – 5 week residency at the Ursuline Center in Great Falls, Montana to collectively create an original piece of theatre.

June 30th – August 9th– We’ll tour our show through the state of Montana, averaging 200 miles per week, with 2 shows a week, for a total of 1080 miles and 10 performances.



Performance Schedule (updated regularly)

City                    Date                    Time                 Venue

Great Falls           Fri 6/30             8pm                 Ursuline Center

Havre                  Tues 7/4            TBD                  Pepin Park

TBD                     Fri 7/7              TBD                   TBD

Lewistown           Tues 7/11          TBD                   Lewistown Public Library

Billings                Sat 7/15             8pm                   TBD

Bozeman              Thurs 7/20         TBD                   TBD

Helena                 Sun 7/23            TBD                   MOP Shop

Missoula              Fri 7/28              8pm                  Freecycles

TBD                     Tues 8/1             TBD                  TBD

Whitefish             Fri 8/4               9pm                  Whitefish Bike Retreat

TBD                     Sun 8/6              TBD                  TBD

Great Falls           Thurs 8/10          8pm                  Ursuline Center


Theatre and bicycle maintenance Workshop Schedule coming soon!

We will be conducting workshops in most of the towns we perform the day before or the day after the performance. Schedule and location of workshops coming soon!