SYNOPSIS: ‘Sunlight on the Brink’ is an intricate, wildly imaginative exploration of the intersection of Capitalism, Spirituality and Technology.  After catastrophic drought on the west coast has forced everyone to migrate east, several holdouts attend to a lonely gas station in the Southwest desert.  Or were they abandoned?  With dwindling resources and the wily wilderness rapidly encroaching, a Scientist rolls up, out of gas and with a strange specimen that might offer a glimpse of what comes next.

Our play is an absurd and physical romp through a land of “what-if’s” that are fast becoming “when will’s” and that ponders how to find meaning and hope in the end of an era?

play collage copy

The play was written with the intention of having the themes of the play parallel those that we anticipated encountering on our journey- drought, Capitalism, class, the landscape of the country, the body, the mystical cycle of life, and the question of what comes next.   The play was intended as a parable- the looming problem of climate change and humanity’s perpetual avoidance and denial.