Biking through the Black Range Mountains, New Mexico

In the Summer of 2015, Agile Rascal Traveling Bike Theatre was the first theatre troupe to tour an original play, coast-to-coast across the country, traveling the whole way on bicycles. Making our way from San Francisco, California to New York City, the seven of us carried our costumes, set and props on our bicycles, pedaling an average of 350 miles a week for almost three months straight, traveling over 4,600 miles.  For more on the participants, click here.


We performed to crowded houses in sixteen cities and towns along the way, at venues that varied from bicycle shops, farms and bakeries to more traditional theatre spaces. All of our shows were all ages and by donation, with the belief that theatre should be accessible to all people.  For photos of our journey, click here.


Sunlight on the Brink in San Francisco, California

Our original play, “Sunlight on the Brink” was devised by the performers, under the leadership of playwright, Dara Silverman, who proposed “the intersection of Technology, Spirituality and Capitalism” as a  jumping off point. The play that ultimately emerged from over nine months of collaborative creative work had many themes that ran parallel to the bicycle journey we were about to undertake including: humanity’s responsibility for each other and for the natural world, and the search for meaning even in these extreme times.

For more information on the play itself, click here.

Because the ideas and themes we confronted on our journey were so thematically entwined with that of our play, the piece itself was constantly deepening and changing as we moved across the country.


The following is the list of when and where we performed in the Summer of 2015.




San Fransisco, CA Fri, May 15th Sports Basement (Bryant) at 7pm

Oakland, CA Saturday, May 16th Omni Commons at 8pm

Los Angeles, CA Monday, June 1st Santa Monica Pier at 8pm

Encinitas, CA Thursday, June 4th First Thursday at 8pm

Tucson, AZ Saturday, June 13th BICAS at 8pm

Silver City, NM Sat, June 20th Buckhorn Opera House at 8pm

Albuquerque, NM Friday, June 26th Sol Harvest Farm at 8pm

Denver, CO Saturday, July 11th 2330 Central Park Blvd at 8pm

Kansas City, MO Saturday, July 18th Family Bicycles at 8pm

Columbia, MO Tuesday, July 21st Yoga Sol at 9pm

Chicago, IL Saturday, Aug 1st Experimental Station at 8pm

Detroit, MI Friday, Aug 7th Trumbullplex at 8pm

Ithaca, NY Saturday, Aug 15th Circus Culture at 8pm

Northampton, MA Wed Aug 19th Hungry Ghost Bread at 8pm

Boston, MA Saturday, August 22nd Somerville Armory at 8pm

New York, NY Friday, August 28th Alchemical Theatre Lab at 8pm

Brooklyn, NY Saturday, August 29th Our Lady of Refuge at 8pm


Brooklyn 2

We concluded our tour in New York City on August 28th 2015, and have since scattered, with some of us returning to the Bay Area, some of us staying on the East Coast, and some of us continuing our journey by bicycle.